ercolith® construction technologies

ercolith® is an innovative, energy-efficient light-weight concrete.

ercolith® is an innovative, energy-efficient light-weight concrete. It combines the robustness of cement with the isothermal features of Styrofoam (EPS).

ercolith uses a patent protected technology that is unique in the world. The process of fabrication of its light-weight concrete is based on a technology that required 8 years of research & development.

The material is easy to employ. Its low weight reduces the construction time by more than half. This helps to manage ambitious housing projects, taking individual preferences into account through a participatory approach.

The material is patent protected in Germany, and a European patent application is pending. ercolith® light-weight concrete is approved for building by the competent German authority. Approval procedures in other countries are pending.

The material has excellent and proven properties in terms of density, resistance, energy efficiency, fire resistance, sound insulation, earthquake resistance and low water absorption.

Art City, More than just a housing project!

The idea of Art city dates back to over seven years ago which was introduced by D.S.H company. Its rights are reserved internationally for 10 counties. The aim is to gather all the arts and artists in an artistic house where they can reach their professional peak.

The liberation of Iraq in 2003 created a greater opportunity for the projects of reconstruction and settlement and the life standard of people in Kurdistan region raised outstandingly. The media and mass media were simultaneously developed.

For instance, according to a source from the ministry of culture, the number of the local and satellite TV channels has increased by 60% since 2003; the number of independent and governmental newspapers and magazines has increased from 21 to 48. However, the developments in the field of art has been to a certain extend and relatively slow.
Art city will aim to bridge the gap by becoming a model in Kurdistan and the region to produce professional artists and expertises and to create opportunities to the artists to perform their talents and make connections between arts and business.

An important part of the project will be the Kurdistan Academy for Art Production, as mentioned earlier.

The academy will include many colleges and schools and will obtain its official permission from the ministries of education and higher education. Art city is an artistic housing project in the Kurdistan region and Iraq. It will be constructed on a large area of land located between the city of Hawler (Erbil) and the town of pirmam.

Different from all the preceding alike projects, art city has its own specifications. In addition to houses, flats, vellas, hotels and shopping centres, the city would be a shelter to gather the artists.

It will be a pioneer in developing all aspects of art in Kurdistan and Iraq.

Art city will include various art centres and institutions including:
Kurdistan academy for art production, in which foreign professionals will be instructing and its certificates will be internationally recognised. A modern 6-screen cinema.

theatre hall.

Concert stage.

Sound studio.

Exhibition hall.

Designated zones for ceramists, sculptors and other artists.

In terms of the design, art city has an artistic layout, it is built in a shape of a video camera.

Another characteristic of art city is that it’s the first residential project in the middle-east in which Ercolith panels, made by Ercolith company, are used, which is the most modern German architectural invention.